The Bonner House was built in 1910 by noted Architect Atlee B. Ayers for the Bonner Family. The family moved to San Antonio from Louisiana after the death of Dr. Bonner, who had amassed a comfortable fortune in cotton farming. Mrs. Bonner with her three children; Mary, Emma and William, loved the ambience of San Antonio and wished to make it their permanent home.

The home was patterned after an Italian Villa built in the early 1600's and made history when it was completed in 1910. Mr. Ayers established a construction precedent by building this home of concrete reinforced with steel and clad in stucco. It is believed that Mary Bonner was instrumental in incorporating much of the delightful Italian flavor to the home including the use of Italian tiles, fireplaces and fixtures throughout.

Mary Bonner became internationally known for her innovations in printmaking and her own charming Texas motif sketches. She spent a good deal of her adult life in Paris, but returned to San Antonio where she was active in promoting the arts until her premature death at the age of 48 in 1935. Today, many of Mary Bonner's prints are seen throughout the home as well as works of other artists.

Here is a photo of Mary Bonner with her teacher, Edouard Leon, taken in Paris about 1930. Etchings by both Bonner and Leon adorn the rooms.

Emma Bonner lived in the home until her death in 1951 at which time the home was purchased by the Groos banking family. Mrs. Groos lived in the home until her death in 1981.

Jacqueline Tapp of Houston, Texas subsequently purchased the home and totally renovated the property. This included the addition of a large in-ground swimming pool, restoration of the quarter-sawn oak woodwork to it's original state, upgrading the gardens and modernization of the kitchen facilities. She received an award from the historical society for the restoration work and then planned an open house for her friends so they could share in her enjoyment of the home. Unfortunately, Jacqueline passed away on the eve of her open house at the young age of 48.

Here is a photo of Jacqueline Tapp taken the night of her death (the night she was honored for the restoration of the Bonner/Groos Home.

Thereafter, the home remained vacant for several years. In 1988, Teresa Greer purchased the home. Her intention to run a bed and breakfast required the addition of two bathrooms. She opened the Bonner Garden Bed & Breakfast in 1989. The Bed & Breakfast has received excellent recognition during the ensuing years including articles in America's Most Wonderful Little Hotels and Inns, and has been featured in Country Inns magazine. Teresa went on to renovate The Havana Inn in downtown San Antonio after selling the Bonner Garden.

The previous owners, Jan & Noel Stenoien, purchased the Bonner Garden in 1993 as a joint undertaking with their son Randall. Extensive renovations were made to the property including adequate off-street parking, central heat & air, improvements to the roof-top patio, re-plumbing, and countless maintenance upgrades.

The current innkeepers, Margi & Jim Herbold, purchased the property at the beginning of 2004. They have continued the redecorating and renovation. The Inn is inspected annually by AAA and maintains a 3 diamond rating. With many years of experience in the hospitality industry, Margi and Jim present a warm and welcoming atmosphere for guests.

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